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Editorial Review of “My Favorite Girlfriend” by Online Book Club

Paul has a penchant for unattainable women who have it all—beauty, intelligence, and, unfortunately, the ability to snuff out his dreams with one look. As early as Paul could remember, nothing motivated him like the possibility of being noticed by these types of girls. And he learned quickly that most of his attempts were futile—simply pining for their attention wasn’t getting him anywhere. Paul needed to up the ante. That’s when he discovered basketball and his natural athleticism that, if channeled effectively, could work in his favor. Perhaps if he had excelled at the game on the court, he could score some points off the court as well. Maybe it would stir up lusty stares instead of the usual eye rolls.

Would Paul receive the warm reception he desperately sought, or would he continue to strike out? This wildly entertaining book will give readers all the answers.

In My Favorite Girlfriend by Paul Sturm, the author candidly shares the trials and tribulations of his experiences with the opposite sex. The book follows a linear path from kindergarten in New York to his youth and teenage years in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Not only does Paul reflect on his awkward encounters with females, but he also writes about his time playing basketball on his school’s team.

The best part of the book was Paul’s knack for storytelling. I happily tore through the pages, endlessly entertained by his recollections. I found it endearing that he had a self-deprecating sense of humor. Many of his memories involved being riled by his teammates for his size (mainly lack of girth), being described as “funny-looking” by a female, and calling his appearance “underwhelming.” The author seemed to take all the ridicule in stride, relying on his quick wit and sense of humor to get him through. He proved that you miss out on all the fun if you take yourself too seriously.

As far as the editing was concerned, I was impressed! I found zero issues with spelling and grammar; the book was exceptionally edited.

For lovers of memoirs with an emphasis on sports and teenage debauchery, I would recommend this book. I found Paul’s stories to be giggle-inducing and surprisingly relatable, so if you have a sense of humor, this book is for you.

My Favorite Girlfriend
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