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Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie

Come laugh along with Frankie, the witty caddie, whose unrestrained, humorous words and outrageous, zany actions provide a foursome of golfers some joy despite their horrible golf play.

Frankie, just 14, and a scrawny wisp of a kid, certainly had the strength to carry heavy golf clubs. However, would his talkative, amusing thoughts annoy the golfers?

To find out, read Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie, and enjoy Frankie’s hysterical, frolicsome, high-spirited caddying adventure at the beautiful River Vale Country Club golf course. Making money entertaining inept golfers was never so much fun!

My Favorite Girlfriend

If you enjoyed Bill Bryson’s book, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, and Russell Baker’s book, Growing Up, you will thoroughly enjoy the hilarious, coming-of-age, romantic comedy, My Favorite Girlfriend, by Paul Sturm. This humorous and entertaining memoir details how a scrawny, funny-looking, audaciously witty kid leveraged his surprising athletic skills in basketball and his creative imagination in the classroom to become popular. The story is really about romance, identifying the author’s constant desire for a girlfriend, as early as kindergarten.

The story captures the astonishing twists and turns in the author’s romantic relationships and his athletic pursuits, beginning in Park Ridge, New Jersey, as a youth and then at The College of William and Mary.  His comical pursuit of love, despite his less than impressive appearance, includes woeful failures with the opposite sex, but some wonderful times, too. After many exciting relationships, would he ever find the girl of his dreams?

More Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie

Frankie, the witty, lighthearted caddie, and his caddying partner, Ozzie, caddied for a very unusual group of golfers. This foursomes’ golf play was surprisingly decent.  However, caddying for them was repeatedly interrupted by humorous, tumultuos, wacky occurrences, including resolving the ugly caddie contest, meeting “The Lone Ranger,” and other rather surprising circumstances. It was all in great fun thanks to the outlandish wit of Frankie and Ozzie, not to mention the eccentric and unsightly golfers.  Come along with these offbeat, quirky caddies and their  farcical foursome for a wondrous 18 holes of golf that were never boring, wonderfully funny, and exciting, too.
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