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Paul actually started writing poems as a teenager, attempting to impress young ladies, though to no avail except for a smile or two.  Many years later, the author was working in a high pressure career prompting him to escape by reading and writing for the fun of it.  The author’s amusing sense of humor provided the perfect backdrop for his hilarious books.

Another important aspect of his writing could be gleaned from an episode of The Twilight Zone titled “Walking Distance.”  In that episode, a traveling executive has car trouble on a country road. The man walks to the small town nearby where he was born and discovers himself as a boy once more.  The author, in a manner, revels in writing amusing tales of his youth growing up  in a small town, allowing him to be a spirited young boy once more.

Paul has a B.S. degree from The College of William and Mary, an M.B.A. degree from the University of South Florida, and is a Certified Public Accountant, a CPA. The author spent 2 years at the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, Inc., before accepting an offer from Computer Sciences Corporation, where he became a Vice President of Finance in 1986. The author enjoyed 37 exciting and adventurous years at Computer Sciences Corporation, including several overseas assignments in Malaysia, India, and Europe.

The author has written 3 amusing, entertaining, and fun-loving books, including My Favorite Girlfriend, Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie, and More Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie.

Paul is married and has 3 children and 3 grandsons, and lives just outside of Washington, D.C., in a Virginia suburb.

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